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The INTRAFITT Academy Of Allied Health Care Professionals now offers a dual certification workshop providing preeminent classroom theory and hands-on instruction to allied and licensed health care professionals and/or anyone interested in obtaining a comprehensive skill set and working background in human health, fitness and performance


These “Masters Level" Nutrition and Exercise Certification Workshops provide students as well as licensed and allied health care professional with the necessary tools and abilities needed to ensure the immediate and long-term success of their independent clients,  patients and even themselves!  No other certifying body in the world offers the level of pragmatic instruction and conceptual understanding presented through these unique and comprehensive curriculums.   Students graduating from "both" the INTRAFITT Advanced Exercise Science (PT) Certification and the INTRAFITT Clinical & Sports Nutrition Certification  will immediately be able to develop and present effective,  individualized nutrition, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise programs for clients and patients alike  thus enabling them to achieve and maintain optimal results in the absolute least amount of time possible!


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