• Dave M.

    I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes! What a shock! They wanted me to go on medication, but I was determined to correct my blood sugar level naturally. I started exercising at Fit.

  • Rowena Romero

    "I had the will, but I didn't know the way until I encountered INTRAFITT, and three special people!" I was four feet, eleven inches tall and weighed a whopping 185 pounds! The.

  • Edna Bownes

    Two years ago I joined a gym weighing in at 230 pounds. At the age of 55, I was an out of control insulin dependent Type I diabetic with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and chro.

  • William Mitchell


  • Dave Harris

    At the time of this photo I was 54 years old! What a difference 12 weeks can make when the correct diet & exercise program is applied; which is what INTRAFITT is for me! I had alway.

  • Travis Sisson

    INTRAFITT has been a heartfelt experience for me. My blood pressure was high when I first joined INTRAFITT a few months ago. It has come down, amazingly. I'm 63 and after joining INTRAFI.

  • Brian Knox

    My name is Brian Knox, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank INTRAFITT and the employees there for changing my life. I had always been overweight, the older I got the more health prob.