• Anne Holbrook C.S.N.T.

    I have been involved in fitness and training for nearly 20 years now. I had trained extensively in a gym and done the same with cardiovascular work. Although I was always in good shape I ne.

  • Monica Brant - Professional Fitness Model

    Since I began working with the INTRAFITT program I have learned many key elements on proper nutrition and training. Not only did the INTRAFITT program provide me with extensive knowledge, .

  • Aaron Baker - Professional Body Builder

    The INTRAFITT program has opened my eyes and has taught me that even as a super conditioned athlete, I need to follow very precise dietary and training guidelines. Although, my goals are si.

  • Shelly Beattie - American Gladiator "Siren"

    The INTRAFITT Performance Nutrition & Training program not only helped me get in the absolute best shape of my life, it also taught me how to eat and train specifically for my body. Now.

  • Chris Dickerson - Mr. Olympia

    The INTRAFITT program has taught me how to use my body's stored fat for energy. This is of extreme importance to me, especially during the pre-contest phase of my training. Thanks to the IN.

  • Heidi Roth - Fitness Model

    As a fitness professional, I thought I knew all the important facts needed to obtain a healthier, leaner body. On the contrary, INTRAFITT has completely re-educated me. This program has tau.