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"If You are Serious About Committing to Your Goal and Getting In Shape; Whether it Be Achieving Optimal Health & Fitness, Reconciling a Chronic and Degenerative Disease or Breaking a World Record.  Please Take Ten Minutes to Let Me Share With You Perhaps Three of the Most Important Lessons That I've Learned Over my Fifteen Year Tenure as a Competitive Athlete and a More Than Thirty Four Year Tenure as a Non Clinical Director of Research and Development in Human Performance.


By William Smith

President/CEO INTRAFITT Ent.


TRUTH #1: "Stablize Blood Sugar because it is "The Limiting Factor" associated with the Acquisition and Maintenance of Any and All Health, Fitness and Performance Related Goals!"


No matter what your Health, Fitness and/or Performance related goals happen to be, you must first ....Read More


TRUTH #2: "The Human Body Must be Exercised for at Least Thirty Minutes per Day, Four Days per Week at a Specific and Regulated Intensity in Order to Lower The Fat Thermostat (Adipostat) while Accelerating the Energy Wasting Mechanisms Associated with Achieving Permanent Fat Loss and Maintaining  a Lean, Healthy & Fit Mind, Body & Spirit for Life!"


Irregardless of what you've heard, read or understood about exercise and its impact on weight loss and conditioning; your body needs a ...Read More


TRUTH #3: "Understanding the Importance of Controlling Your Conscious Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions and Their Direct Impact on the Acquisition of Success in Every Area of Your Life!"


Of all the valuable lessons I've ever learned in my life, I believe that understanding the importance of controlling our conscious thought is perhaps the most significant of all as it truly can ...Read More


The question now is..."how do you put it all together"?  If you are truly serious about wanting to achieve and maintain your desired health, fitness and/or performance related goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, you must absolutely...Read More



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