The INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Fitness Assessment and Procedure

The INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Fitness Assessment has been developed in part to determine the efficiency of your past and current eating and exercise habits as they relate to your desired health, fitness and performance goals. The main purpose of this evaluation however, is to identify and correct any and all dietary and exercise related deficiencies that may prevent you from ever achieving your desired condition!

Upon submitting your answers to the following questions, the INTRAFITT Expert Software System will immediately determine and reflect the efficiency rate of your current eating and exercise habits. Unless your "Total Efficiency" rate is found to be 80% or higher, it is strongly recommended that you register for an INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program respective to the specific goals and objectives that you are wanting to obtain (i.e Disease Reconciliation, General & Overall Fitness, Sports & Performance) in order to efficiently achieve and maintain your desired health and fitness goals for life!!

Your Physical Fitness Objectives/Goals

Please indicate the order of personal importance:(1=Most Important, 4 = Least Important)
Reduce Body Fat / Increase Muscle Tone:
Increase Lean Body Mass / Strength:
Increase Speed / Endurance:
Improve Overall Health and Condition:

Your Conditioning History Assessment

Have you ever been a member at another health facility?
Have you ever worked with a fitness trainer?
Have you ever been on a weight loss or weight gain diet?
Have you ever taken supplements to enhance weight loss / gain?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, were you able to efficiently achieve and maintain your desired health and fitness goal(s)?

Your Nutrition Assessment

Do you ever skip breakfast and/or find yourself snacking late in the evening?
Do you ever crave sugary foods and/or lack energy?
Do you ever feel tired and lethargic before, during or after exercise?

Your Exercise Assessment

Do you monitor your heart rate when performing cardiovascular exercise?
Do you perform cardiovascular exercise in your recommended target heart rate at least 30 minutes per session, 4 times per week?
Do you feel like your weight training sessions are as productive as possible?

Your Commitment

Please rate your Level of Commitment* towards Achieving Your Desired Goal:
*Commitment refers to the Amount of Time and Effort You are willing to put forth. (1= NOT Very Committed, 4 = VERY Committed*)
*Minimum Commitment Requirements: Eating at least four (4) meals per day, and Performing at least three (3) one-hour exercise sessions each week.