• Merlin Corbin from California

    Dear INTRAFITT, I wanted to thank you for creating the most scientific and effective nutrition and exercise lifestyle ever developed! I now truly believe that the INTRAFITT Program is un.

  • Tyler Chisholm

    The following testimonial was provided to INTRAFITT Corp. by Tyler Chisholm in June of 2000 and has remained completely unchanged ever since My name is Tyler and this is my INTRAFITT story.

  • Michel Rubini from California- Hands-On Client

    There is one thing that you must do if you want to get permanent, lasting results from weight training and dieting. That one thing is TAKE THE INTRAFITT COURSE! INTRAFITT turned my trainin.

  • Jim Payne

    I selected the Intrafitt program because of the program itself as well as because of the people involved. The program is very thorough and based in science over a significant amount of time.

  • Susan Keenan-Owner/Fitness Together Facility Manasquian, NJ. / Certified INTRAFITT Technician

    I was at a crossroads as far as my nutrition was concerned. I was reading up on all the latest trends and following them to the best of my ability: working out hard at the gym, strength tra.

  • NIa Peeples

    I've been using INTRAFITT principles ever since I first engaged the program back in my early thirties. INTRAFITT has always been on the cutting edge of performance conditioning research and.

  • Timothy P. Novelli - Chiropractor

    My name is Timothy P. Novelli; I am a Chiropractor of 19 years. I have trained with weights 3 days a week with a professional trainer and a cardio workout consisting of 4 days a week (runn.

  • Jennifer Ballard

    What made you decide to participate in the INTRAFITT Program? I wanted to change the way that I approached fitness as a whole. I had always focused on weight loss but never the whole body-.

  • Debbie Waid – INTRAFITT Client Midland, NC.

    “I am in Week 5 of the INTRAFITT 12 week program and Ive just returned from vacation! How many people can say that they actually lost weight while on vacation? Well for one…I.