The book of Ephesians in the Bible tells us that we are God's Masterpiece and that the good Lord created each one of us (long before the foundation of the world was set into place) to fulfill a great and mighty purpose in life. A purpose that is unique and specific to each one of us!
Our VISION at INTRAFITT is to condition those who are seeking God’s purpose to live a life of excellence in Mind, Body and Spirit so as to prepare each person individually and specifically according to the gift that each has been given.
What many don’t realize however, is that for each of us to step into our purpose and live according to God’s plan for our life we need faith to move us through the trials and tribulations that the Lord has prepared for each one of us. Romans 12:1 tell us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice and to be holy and pleasing to God however, we cannot accomplish this without the renewing of our minds.  This in turn requires that we each one of us learn how to achieve and maintain a metabolic condition referred to as (psychological kinesiology) or more simply put SINGLE MINDED MOVEMENT (a compilation of our thoughts, feelings and emotions which are directly dependent on blood sugar stability).
Interestingly enough, blood sugar stability is also required to REPROGRAM the body to be fit, lean, strong and healthy for life!
Our MISSION at INTRAFITT is to teach you how to achieve and maintain stable blood sugar without ever feeling hungry, tired or lethargic and in fact you will be stronger, leaner and more energetic with more determination and ambition than you've ever had in your life! This MISSION will be accomplished by teaching you how to regulate the Four Set Point Conductors that control the REPROGRAMMING effects of your body.
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