Allied Health Care Certifications


“I recently finished the INTRAFITT Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Distance Learning Certification Curriculum.  My experience throughout the course has been just wonderful! My instructor; (William Smith) is an extremely dedicated, hard-working professional whose knowledge is invaluable. He is not only 110% committed to his students, but he is a kind and open-hearted person whose passion to share wisdom and knowledge with his students and clients is unsurpassed!
Already having my BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, I can honestly say that the information I learned throughout this curriculum was extremely accurate and applicable! In fact, the information presented in this course is so essential to helping clients achieve and maintain their desired health, fitness and performance objectives that it makes me wonder why colleges and universities have not yet added it into their curriculums!
If you are serious and committed towards becoming a successful licensed or allied health care professional and want to start earning money as soon as possible, this is without question the certifying curriculum that you want to complete!”
Monica R.
New Haven, CT.



Since its California inception in 1992, the INTRAFITT Corporation has been working hard to push the standards in Non-Clinical Trials of Human Nutrition and Exercise Research and Development. Today, INTRAFITT Inc. has exceeded those goals and is now established as an industry leader in the development of a wide variety of adjunctive and therapeutic individualized clinical and sports nutrition and exercise programs currently used in;
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Chronic and Degenerative Disease Reconciliation
  • Weight Management
  • General Health and Fitness
  • Sports and Performance
Diversifying nearly two decades of pragmatic skills and acuity in the scientific discipline of PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology), INTRAFITT Inc. has also become a leader in licensed and allied health care education and now offers a broad range of preparatory curriculums and platforms designed to aid even the most discerning health care professional in achieving a more comprehensive and conceptual understanding of the effects that food, thoughts, feelings, emotions and exercise have on the major regulatory systems (psychological, neurological, endocrinological and immunological) of the human body and their subsequent effect on all aspects of human metabolism.

The INTRAFITT Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science Preparatory Curriculums are unparalleled in disseminating applicable scientific data and provide students with only the necessary concepts and applications relevant to achieving and guaranteeing client success and business logistics and development! No
other certifying body in the world provides the level of relativistic and substantiated preparatory training that is currently offered through the INTRAFITT Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science Certifications!

Upon successful completion of the INTRAFITT Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science Distance Learning Certification, graduates are immediately able to pinpoint and correct any and all dietary and exercise related deficiencies, custom fabricate individualized nutrition and exercise programs and effectively troubleshoot complicated fitness plateaus that clients often encounter.  Possession of these skills alone; make Certified INTRAFITT Technicians the most sought after and elite allied health care professionals in the

Finally, it is with great pleasure and honor that we have the opportunity to offer this learning forum to the many distinguished and established health care professionals and hard working students currently considering and/or pursuing a career in the health sciences.

In Strength, Health and Honor,

William Smith
President / Founder / CEO
INTRAFITT Incorporated