Management Bios

    William Smith - Founder & President / CEO

    William Smith is the President, CEO and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation; established in California in 1992. Since its origin, William has been directly responsible for the development, growth, and profitability of the corporation and continues in this multifaceted role today.
    With aspirations of pursuing sports nutrition and conditioning as a young man, William elected to follow an autodidactic methodology of study in the health sciences  after graduating from Eastern Vocational Technical Institute (in Essex Maryland) where he studied the design and fabrication of race car chassis. At seventeen years old William entered and won his first local bodybuilding competition and went on to win another 24 bodybuilding championships over his sixteen year competitive tenure. During that time, William had the privilege of working with some of the best athletes in the world, teaching them how to eat and train for their respective sports and competitions.
    William’s interest in competing and winning championship titles began to wane as his interest in the scientific discipline of diet and exercise neuroendocrinology intensified.   This particular scientific elective was initially the result of his younger brother’s diagnoses and longtime struggle with Type I Diabetes. William’s determination to research and develop a diet and exercise related curriculum that would improve his brother’s ability to play sports and live a normal life (while also enabling him to achieve optimal levels of health, fitness and performance, minimize the use of insulin and reduce his risk of developing further cardiovascular related diseases and complications) would eventually become his obsession and is known today as the INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program
    Today William continues his role as the president, CEO and founder of INTRAFITT Enterprises. Now residing in Charlotte, NC. William also owns and operates the only allied health care teaching facility (The INTRAFITT Total Health & Fitness Center) in the Carolinas where he and his onsite staff of certified INTRAFITT Technicians instruct clients from all walks of life on how to eat and exercise to achieve all of their desired health and fitness goals!

    Cinque Parker-Director of Clinical Research and Business Development

    Cinque Parker joined the INTRAFITT Management team in 2010 as The "Director of Clinical Research and Business Development" bringing with him over 10 years’ experience in Business Development, Strategic Operations and Program Management and 12 years’ experience in Clinical Research Development. Cinque comes to us as a native of Maryland, where he earned his degree in Biology (pre-med) from Mount St. Mary’s University and advanced degrees in Biotechnology (specializing in advance cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, neurology, and immunology) and Business Administration, with a focus on business development and enterprise from John Hopkins University.

    Cinque’s passion for health and fitness commenced at the age of twelve when he was given an ultimatum by a nutritionist which involved either adopting a healthier lifestyle or risking the chance of not seeing his twenties due to an alarming and perpetual increase in body fat. In accepting the call and challenge, Cinque later became a national certified personal trainer, but didn’t feel as if his respective certification afforded him an opportunity to be among the best in the industry. In pursuing the "Top Gun" of Allied Health Care Professionals, Cinque was introduced to the INTRAFITT Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Advanced Exercise Science Dual Certification Course!  Not only did he procure an INTRAFITT Allied Health Care Certification in Human Health, Fitness and Performance he also joined the INTRAFITT Management Team and Scientific Advisory Board maintaining an active role collaborating, reviewing and approving the myriad of educational courses, seminars and workshops as well as certification curriculums and continuing education in the respective scientific disciplines of dietary and exercise spiritualpsychoneuroendocrinoimmunology.
    Today, with his continued passion for human health, fitness and performance complimented by an extensive background in business operations/development and clinical research; Cinque joins the INTRAFITT Corporation with the sole objective of taking the INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program global while ensuring that the related learning curriculums (and related materials including Workbooks, CDs, Seminars, Workshops, etc..) continue to evolve and remain unmatched in the world of Human Health, Fitness and Performance thus, securing its well-deserved reputation as being the very best Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program in the world!
    Aside from spending time with his family, Cinque also enjoys an active lifestyle involving swimming, strength training, running, riding bicycles and playing the piano! He constantly strives to challenge and train his mind, body & spirit to achieve and maintain optimum levels of performance and as a longtime member of Toastmasters International (serving as President at his local chapter in 2011) Cinque refines his personal repertoire by further developing and honing his motivational speaking skills.
    Cinque Parker resides with his family in Charlotte, NC.

    Francesca Armienti - Corporate Chef and Food Science Consultant

    Francesca is widely known for extensive background in culinary science. She was Pavilions most popular chef consultant for years and has consulted for Ralph’s grocery chain, Pict Sweet Brand Products and the Avocado Commission. Her easy going and friendly personality coupled with her extensive culinary and nutrition background give Francesca a playfully sophisticated demeanor. Her favorite food specialties are usually lite, healthy and always pleasing to the palate.

    In addition to her retail work with grocers, Francesca also serves as the Executive Chef at one of the leading Italian restaurants in Seal Beach CA. and has been a cooking teacher for the past 17 years. In 1998, Francesca became the Chef Consultant and Director of meal plan fabrication for the INTRAFITT Program. Francesca and Dolorie Thurner are currently collaborating on the very first INTRAFITT Recipe Book which should be available at the Pro-Shop very soon.

    Francesca’s credentials don’t stop here, she has also worked as a food stylist on several motion picture locations and for the renowned food photographer Jon Edwards”. Francesca has published her own cookbook, started her own restaurant and catering business, and served as a chef for the Hilton Hotel Chain, the Del Fineu Restaurant in Denmark and LaRochettas in Montescinde Italy.

    Francesca’s culinary passion has led to several consulting, teaching and exhibition related employment with Robinson’s May, the Orange County Wine Society, the Tastes of Sunset and a number of other local food festivals.

    Currently, Francesca works with her Husband William Smith, CEO / President and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation as the company’s COO. Francesca manages the day-to-day, affairs of the INTRAFITT Corp. and provides preliminary approval for all business related projects and development.

    Francesca is also a Certified INTRAFITT Technician and is highly regarded as one of the world’s best phone coaches teaching clients all over the world how to eat and exercise optimally in order to achieve and maintain their desired health & fitness goals.

    Dolorie Thurner - Director of Corporate Development and Investor Relations

    Dolorie Thurner has had a very eclectic and entrepreneurial professional career. She started her own dance studio at age 16. She opened an Italian restaurant in the 80’s and has been a restaurant critic since 1991. Most recently Dolorie affiliated herself with the world where she continues to make her contribution.

    Before phone cards were a reality and actively marketed in the United States, Dolorie was selected to spear head the administrative process for a new company venturing into this industry. She has also assisted two companies in maintaining their survival in this fast paced market. Her personal relationships, ability to direct operations, marketing techniques and her knowledge of the industry have been her mainstay in life.

    Dolorie has always believed in the necessity of exercise. Whether tap dancing in her garage, taking jazzercise classes, working out at a gym, or just walking, she has a high commitment level to her physical well-being. Dolorie also believes in balanced nutrition, proper physical conditioning and a good food program bring about a joyful mental outlook and good physical health.

    Dolorie now offers her many talents and positive attitude to the INTRAFITT Corporation, providing the coordination and leadership needed to guide Executive Management.

    Cathy Sassin BS. : - Scientific Advisory Affiliate

    A Nationally recognized expert on health and fitness, Cathy has been a regular contributor to the developpment of the INTRAFITT Program and related research projects since its inception. Cathy has also appeared on multiple national television shows and in a myriad of fitness industry magazines over the past 15 years.

    An internationally top ranked athlete in adventure sport, Cathy is now a commentator and host for adventure television. She was voted one of the top 10 most influential people in the sport of adventure racing and has been recognized by the Women’s Sports Foundation as one of the top female athletes in the Country!

    • Professional Education
    • UCLA 1984 BS Kinesiology
    • 1992-present Nutrition Consultant,
    • Scientific Advisory in Performance Nutrition
    • 1983- 1992 Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer


    • CBS Sports Dateline NBC
    • ABC ABC Wide World of Sports
    • OLN Discovery Channel
    • ESPN Extra
    • ESPN2 E! Entertainment
    • MTV Primetime Sports
    • Exhale American Health Network
    • Action TV Family Feud
    • Maury Povich
    • Carol and Marilyn Show
    • Terry Bradshaw’s Home Team
    • Eurosport (Europe)
    • TF1 (Europe)
    • NHK (Japan)

    Kristin Ganzenmuller – Director Corporate Wellness

    Kristin has always been passionate towards fitness and makes exercise and healthy living an important part of her everyday life. She is enthusiastic and driven to reach others and make a positive difference in their lives through health and fitness!

    She comes to us as a native of Buffalo, NY where she earned her degree in Business as a collegiate student athlete.  Kristin was introduced to INTRAFITT shortly after opening a Snap Fitness Franchise in May of 2011.  Since that time she has been proud to join forces with INTRAFITT to provide local businesses and members of the community the best in health and wellness services.
    In her spare time, Kristin has an active lifestyle and enjoys outdoor recreational activities and spending time with friends, family, and her dog.
    Kristin now offers her enthusiasm and positive attitude to the INTRAFITT Corporation in an effort to spread INTRAFITT health care education on a larger scale to Corporations and their employees.  She is excited to share INTRAFITT knowledge and applications to ensure INTRAFITT practicing employees approach their day with greater energy, focus, and productivity while simultaneously improving their company's bottom line!

    Rebecca Schreiner BS.-Scientific Advisor in Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Advanced Exercise Science

    Rebecca earned her BS in Exercise Science from Pfeiffer University. Throughout her 4 year tenure at Pfeiffer University, Rebecca conducted independent research on the variances concerning the interrelationship of applied kinematics and the physiological response as it relates to controlled environmental changes in running mechanics (running in running shoes, running barefoot, and running in Vibram Five Finger Shoes). Rebecca’s research confirmed variations in bone, joint and tissue stressors contingent on foot-strikes, ankle flexion and knee flexion which have been proven to be helpful in adjusting and appropriating various running applications and protocols for the benefit of improved performance in distance, speed and strength (force).
    Currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and a career in Allied Health Care, Rebecca is determined to improve the health and lives of people in her community and around the world by educating them on the effects that diet and exercise have on the major regulatory systems of the human body and their subsequent metabolic effects on long term health, fitness and performance!
    You can contact Rebecca for a private nutrition & fitness consultation by calling the INTRAFITT Total Health & Fitness Center at 704.781.0400 or you can write to Rebecca at [email protected]