At INTRAFITT Inc. we believe in the importance and value of both personal and professional alliances that are developed through years of hard work and commitment towards a common goal in industry!  And in fact, when sharing our core personal and business values with prospects, clients, technicians, licensees and franchisees around the world, we like to think that we are demonstrating and revealing the very basis of the core principles and values with which the INTRAFITT Corporation was founded on.


Our true interest in partnering with each of our Alliances listed has been a major contributing factor to our growth and tremendous success over the years! 


If you are a business owner or individual and feel that the INTRAFITT Corporation offers a unique characteristic or service in business and industry that will somehow help to make our world a better place while revealing God's goodness in everything we set out to accomplish, and would like to join our alliance network, please write to us at [email protected] and describe your thoughts as to how you feel we can work together to bring health, healing and education in an affordable manner to people around the world and an INTRAFITT Adviser will follow up with you to further discuss it with you.


In the meantime, please peruse our list of very gracious and respectful alliances and perhaps you will find a unique service or opportunity with one of them that may benefit you or a family member just as the INTRAFITT Program has.


Thank you again for your patronage and consideration in the INTRAFITT Program, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and serve you!


Very graciously,


William Smith





Since 2005, Simple Truths has become the leading provider of inspirational gift books designed to reinforce core values.

Simple Truths is the brain-child of Mac Anderson, the founder of Successories.  After selling Successories in 2004, Mac published three successful gift books – The Nature of Success, The Power of Attitude and The Essence of Leadership.  In each of these books Mac incorporated his great eye for design, photography, inspirational stories and motivational quotes.  The end result were three highly engaging, motivational and inspirational books that became great gifts for customers, employees, friends and family members.  Since that time, Simple Truths has published over 20 different titles with authors that include Ken Blanchard, Barbara Glanz, Todd Duncan, Vince Lombardi, Jr. and Michael McMillan.

Simple Truths is also an innovator in media distribution.  We have created mini inspirational movies based upon many of our Gift Books.  Each movie is around 3 minutes in length and can be found on the internet with a dedicated URL. The first movie was released to a small newsletter email list in the summer of 2006 and was based upon the inspirational gift book The Dash.  Since 2006 it has been viewed by 25 million people world-wide.  Today, more than 75,000 people each day around the world are watching an inspirational movie from Simple Truths.  To view all of our current movies Click Here.



Personal Training Just Got Private!

The clang of weights and the sounds of encouragement can be heard from our Personal Training Studios across the United States. Not only do you have a trainer to help every step of the way, but you also have your very own private training room. No more rushing from one exercise to another as equipment becomes available. At Fitness Together, the entire room of equipment is for you.

Benefits of the Fitness Together System

• Increased Motivation
• Accelerated Results
• Accountability
• Private Rooms
• Emphasis on Proper Technique
• Decreased Risk of Injury
• Individualized Programs Based on Your Needs
• Progressive Training / Continual Challenge
• More Fun!
Our programs offer a safe, effective way to help women and men achieve their fitness goals in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. With a Fitness Together personal trainer, results come quickly because you maximize exercise time, follow an eating plan, set goals, and have the accountability one often needs to stay with an exercise program. Our private training rooms, individualized programs, and motivating atmosphere set us apart from the average gym. Whether your goals are to firm up, lose inches, add stamina and strength, or add muscle, we have a program for you.


12 Week Physique Transformation

Receive $100.00 off with mention of this special offer.

  1. Nutrition plan powered by INTRAFITT
  2. 36 One-On-One Personal Training Sessions
  3. Cardiovascular Training using Polar Heart Rate Technology
  4. Complete Fitness Assessment
  5. Goal Counseling before training begins
  6. Re-evaluations every 6 weeks
  7. Food scale
  8. Fitness Together cooler bag
  9. Initial 90 minute Nutritional Consultation with 2 30 minute Follow-up Consults
  10. Before and after pictures


SNAP FITNESS of Mint Hill, NC.


Snap Fitness has Partner in Health
Snap Fitness in Mint Hill, NC. is owned and operated by Kristin Ganzenmuller
Posted by CW Editor on July 27, 2012
For Sam Gonzalez, working out and eating right were difficult without a program that fit his lifestyle and kept him motivated. But after joining the INTRAFITT program at Snap Fitness in Mint Hill, he says the results are clear.
“I call it a change of life,” he said. “Many people might say it’s a diet since the program has you eating certain foods, but with the eating regimen and the workout that comes along with the trainer, it’s life changing.”
About a year ago, Snap Fitness partnered with Midland-based INTRAFITT Total Health and Fitness Facility to better the overall health of its clients.
Snap Fitness Owner Kristen Ganzenmuller said she’s pleased with the benefits the partnership brings to the community.
“INTRAFITT is a comprehensive, individualized nutrition and exercise program designed to teach you exactly what, when, how and why to eat and exercise in order to lose body fat while increasing lean muscle tone and super-charging your metabolism in the absolute fastest and safest way possible,” she said in an email.
Gonzalez, who has been participating in the INTRAFITT program at Snap Fitness since August 2011, said he never found an effective program until he tried INTRAFITT.
“I didn’t have high expectations in the beginning because I tried other programs and they just didn’t pan out,” he said. “But with the support that comes with this program, my confidence has grown from when I first started out.”
Gonzalez, of Matthews, said he worked out at Snap Fitness for a few months when he noticed INTRAFITT trainers coaching other clients.
“It got me interested and I started asking questions,” he said. “Eventually I decided that it seemed like a good fit for me.”
Ganzenmuller said INTRAFITT’s mission is to help anyone looking to achieve a health and wellness goal by optimizing health, fitness and performance through mind, body and spirit.
“All who participate in our program immediately dramatically increase in overall health and well-being,” she said.
The partnership between Snap Fitness and INTRAFITT began in July 2011.
“The partnership allows INTRAFITT coaches the opportunity to work with members of Snap Fitness one on one as well as execute corporate wellness programs for local businesses at a convenient fitness facility, raising the bar of excellence throughout the community through optimal health and wellness,” she said.
Ganzenmuller said personal one-on-one coaching is an example of some of the many strategies Snap Fitness and INTRAFITT will use to better community fitness.
“Coaches will work intimately with clients, establishing long-term relationships,” she said. “INTRAFITT certified coaches are trained in all areas of personal wellness, whether your goal is to lose weight, increase muscle tone, reconcile a chronic illness, improve overall health, run a faster mile or break a world record, they can develop a program to ensure your success.”
For Gonzalez, the results of the program were not always easy to see – but others noticed.
“You don’t always see the change because you look at yourself every day. But other people see it,” he said. “That’s how I noticed. People at work would see the change. I have people telling me that I look leaner and more fit.”
Gonzalez said his self-confidence has risen because of the program.
“It’s a big boost for me, being a 40-year-old and a single dad,” he said. “I’ve seen my body fat reduce dramatically. It’s working.”
Gonzalez said he would recommend INTRAFITT at Snap Fitness to anyone looking to improve overall health and wellness.
“I recommend it 110 percent,” he said. “I could show them my before and after picture – it’s incredible.”
According to Ganzenmuller, INTRAFITT also helps prevent and reconcile chronic illnesses such as diabetes, Crohn’s disease, gout, high cholesterol, lupus, hypertension, obesity and high triglycerides, among others.
“All this is achieved without prescription drugs,” she said. “In fact, within 90 days of this program, most clients are completely off their prescription drugs they had been on for years prior.”
INTRAFITT was founded by William Smith, former American Gladiator and winner of more than 24 bodybuilding championships. The organization was founded in 1992 in California.
Ganzenmuller said the Midland location of INTRAFITT Total Health and Fitness facility is a full service clinical and sports nutrition and exercise teaching facility.
“It is an honor to have the opportunity to provide these additional wellness services to the members of Snap Fitness facility and the Mint Hill community,” she said. “We want to be recognized as the pillar of excellence for health and wellness counseling and services in Mint Hill and its surrounding communities,” she said. “Through corporate wellness and personal coaching services, we fully expect to elevate wellness in the workforce and the community.”
For Ganzenmuller, the most important aspect of the partnership is the opportunity to improve community fitness.
“Often times, joining a gym or beginning a wellness program can be a frustrating experience and uphill battle if the participant is not provided the direction and coaching they need in order to succeed. The individualized INTRAFITT programs are developed to provide a step-by-step comprehensive fitness program from both a nutrition and exercise standpoint in order to achieve and maintain health and wellness goals indefinitely.”