About Us


INTRAFITT (INTRA-Cellular Fitness) is a comprehensive Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program designed to teach you exactly How, What, When and Why to eat and exercise in order to completely and entirely "Re-Program" your Mind, Body & Spirit to be Fit, Healthy and Strong for Life!


What Makes The INTRAFITT Program So Unique?

When it comes to achieving optimal health, fitness and performance, the INTRAFITT Program is second to none anywhere in the world because its concepts and applications are based on the combined scientific disciplines of Dietary and Exercise Neuroendocrinology and PNEI (Psycho, Neuro, Endocrino, Immunology).  These irrefutable scientific disciplines have provided the basis of our success for nearly twenty years thus helping our clients to understand the powerful impact that food and exercise has on the major regulatory systems (The Nervous System, The Endocrine System and The Immune System) of the human body and their corresponding impact and control on all aspects of human metabolism.


When was INTRAFITT Established?

In 1993 William Smith and Cathy Sassin organized a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of the Nations top doctors, professors, nurses and specialized dieticians from a multitude of disciplines.  Once the advisory board was assembled we began intense study in the field of Dietary and Exercise Neuroendocrinology. The primary focus of our research was to achieve a better understanding of the effects that food and exercise have on the major regulatory systems of the body and to further understand how these systems directly influence the physiological processes associated with human health, fitness and performance. After years of arduous pragmatic research in non-clinical studies INTRA-Cellular Fitness [INTRAFITT] was converged as the link to successful long-term weight management and increased levels of athletic performance as it was determined that the basis of all aspects of human health fitness and performance begins and ends with blood sugar stability!

Our Mission

To aggressively improve the overall health, fitness and performance of all people in all communities around the world while dramatically reducing the
risk and incidence of chronic and degenerative
disease in mind, body and spirit.