Did You Know that a Tear of Joy Has a Completely

Different Chemistry than a Tear of Sorrow?






If you or a loved one has been or is currently suffering from a chronic and degenerative disease such as Obesity, Diabetes I or II, CHD / Coronary Heart Disease or other of the myriad of chronic and degenerative diseases now reaching beyond epidemic proportions (within our culture and around the globe); COMPLETERECONCILIATION OF ANY PREVENTABLE DISEASE IS NOW AVAILABLE!   That's right!  You heard correctly!  And in fact; it is most important that you understand that every chronic and degenerative disease known to mankind is the result (and only the result) of a deep seeded belief system that directly controls and influences gene expression in your DNA and is most often  initialized as the result of chronic adverse thoughts, feelings and emotions!  Think about it!  The last time that undesirable circumstances occurred in your life; how did it make you feel?  Maybe you or a family member have lost a job recently or perhaps your husband or wife decided he/she wanted to move on without you or maybe someone at work isn't treating you fairly; even though you are always kind and considerate to them.  As these circumstances are played over and over in your mind, you can feel the sadness, rage and disappointment begin to take control and consume your thoughts which then dictates your feelings and subsequently your emotions.  What you need to realize is that the "Biology of your Belief" has completely and totally dominated the activity (or expression) of your genes (located in your DNA) which controls the health and well being of your cells.  It is this type of activity (referred to as "Epigenetics") that ultimately determines the outcome of your overall health and well being!  In other words, chronic and degenerative disease is not a condition that is  passed down from one generation to another because of "genetic predisposition" (a term that we've all been programmed to believe thst suggests that because my dad died of a heart attack, my chances will automatically be much greater as a result).  Sadly enough, it is the learned behavior, lifestyle and subsequent beliefs that evolve within our parents (or our primary care taker) that ultimately teach and guide us from infancy to adulthood to believe the same thing their parents believed and so on and so on and so on!


The best news of all is that you don't have to maintain a belief system that no longer serves you!  Why?  Because a "belief" is nothing more than a "practiced thought"!  And, at any given moment you can choose to start fresh and begin to select "only" the "thoughts, feelings and emoti

ons that make you smile and fill you full of love, joy and happiness!  


If you'd like to learn more on this topic of how your thoughts, feelings and emotions impact your genetic makeup, take a few minutes to read CHAPTER 1 from Bruce Lipton's publication entitled The "Biology of Belief"


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IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that your ability to make better conscious thoughts relies exclusively on the stability of your blood sugar as you cannot expect your brain and nervous system to consistently perform better than it has in the past if it is constantly deprived of energy and cannot process the frequency modulated signals that form the basis of communication and thoughts from one minute to the next throughout your system!



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