Resource Requirements

The following hardware and office equipment is a required part of the INTRAFITT Installation setup procedure and must be in place prior to the scheduled installation dates in order to ensure the immediate success of your INTRAFITT Nutrition and Fitness Business.
  • A private enclosed office or area for one-on-one counseling is required and must be equipped with the following items;
  • IBM Compatible hard drive with 256 MB of RAM (min.), 40 GB (or higher) internet access (cable or DSL required - Dial Up Connection NOT recommended) and CD rom drive.
  • 15 inch color monitor
  • Ink jet or laser jet color printer (900-dpi minimum)
  • Body weight scale
  • Desk with filing cabinet drawers                                                
  • Wall clock
  • Fax machine                                                                                 
  • Telephone with dedicated phone line
  • Two chairs                                                                    
  • Shelves for product display
Hardware and Office Requirement costs are additional and have not been factored into the installation cost.  Total Hardware costs range from approximately $1500.00 - $2000.00 if purchased new.

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