Team Positions

“The Total Sum Of One Man’s Work Could Never Compare to that of a TEAM”

  • INTRAFITT Technical Supervisor*
  • Fitness Director/Manager
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Fitness Consultants
  • Nutrition / Exercise Technicians
To achieve and maintain a “Win-Win” environment at all times, “Specialty” Team Positions and Players must know and perfect their specific areas of responsibilities.  The INTRAFITT Nutrition & Personal Training Program Installation provides initial and continuing comprehensive education and training for each team player at your facility. 
Proceeding the initial program installation however, it will become the responsibility of your Fitness Directors and Managers to maintain a successful yet profitable “Win-Win” environment at your health facility.
*An INTRAFITT Technical Supervisor is assigned to your facility by the INTRAFITT Corporation and is responsible for follow up teleconferences with members of your team to be certain that any and all questions, issues and concerns regarding the marketing, presentation and execution of the INTRAFITT Nutrition & Personal Training Program at your facility are addressed on a regular basis.
Your Technical Supervisor will also work to help maintain an upward trend in Nutrition & Personal Training Program sales while providing regular customer service related queries at your facility.

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