INTRAFITT’S Competitive Advantage

The INTRAFITT Program is a scientifically accepted nutrition and exercise program based on the science of “Dietary Neuroendocrinolgy”

Simply put, INTRAFITT’s  efficacious nature is the resulting affect that food and exercise has on the major regulatory systems of the body (endocrine and nervous system) with subsequent and direct influence on the metabolic processes associated with human health, fitness and performance.

  • The INTRAFITT Program does not REQUIRE the use of supplements to achieve and maintain desired health & fitness goals.

  • The INTRAFITT Nutrition and Exercise Program is available online to members 24/7 thus enabling your facility to charge an additional monthly log-in access fee ranging from $9.00-$19.00 per month.

  • The INTRAFITT Program DOES NOT recommend appetite suppressants to expedite fast weight loss.

  • The INTRAFITT Program is based on substantiated and scientifically accepted concepts and applications.

  • The INTRAFITT Program yields faster and more efficient results compared to other popular weight management and conditioning programs.

  • The INTRAFITT Program teaches “long-term” weight- management skills.

  • The INTRAFITT Program does not support VLC* diets.

*Very Low Calorie

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