Business Concept



"Sell Services That Include Memberships"





Aside from the automatic inclusion of a “One-Hour” Nutrition & Fitness Consultation (which should be integrated into every baseline membership sold at your facility), there are three various  Six Week “Results Driven” Packages (RDPs) for potential and existing members to pick and choose from. 


Each one-hour session proceeding the initial “One-Hour” Nutrition & Fitness Consultation may consist of three, twenty-minute segments as follows;




  •  20 minutes/Nutrition Counseling: Includes creative meal planning, food exchanges, ordering meals in restaurants, review of Daily Fitness Planner and  body composition analysis.

  • 20 minutes/Circuit Strength Training: Provides instruction of up to six varying strength training exercises (Utilizing Circuits and Machines) enabling the entire body to achieve maximum tone and muscularity.

  • 20 minutes /Cardiovascular Conditioning: Teaches members efficient acquisition of training sensitive zone and maintenance of Sub-Maximal Lactate Threshold to achieve optimal fat loss in the least amount of time. Question and answer session with client may resume during this time.

The BENEFITS of this concept include the following;

  • Guaranteed and  exceptional results for the member within the first Six Weeks Of Participation.

  • No membership fee presented (we don’t sell memberships, we sell RESULTS).

  • Monthly progress evaluations included with the purchase of every “Service Package”.

  • Increases ability to upgrade members to accelerated fitness packages.

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