Upon realigning the focus and efforts of you and your staff to sell “Results” instead of “Memberships” an immediate and constant upward trend in growth in the following areas are certain to prevail:
Membership Sales
Member Retention
Word Of Mouth Referrals
Amenity Profits
Non-Dues Revenue Sources
“Win-Win” Relationships With Staff and Members

 Membership Sales: Due to the uniqueness and impact of the INTRAFITT “Consulting” (not sales) presentation and services presented, prospective members and clients are compelled to purchase “valuable” services in spite of the dogma (concerning costs and expense) that may have directed their thoughts previously.  Remember, people’s buying decisions are based on their beliefs and perceptions of the true "Value" in what is being presented. 
“If your members and clients think education is expensive,
they should seriously consider the cost of ignorance!”
Member Retention: Between 50% and 70% of all members who join health facilities quit within the first six weeks due to the lack of results.  Our goal is to provide members with BETTER results in the first six weeks of participation than they ever experienced before. 
Word Of Mouth Referrals:  Who makes a better sales person at your facility, a salesperson who only gets paid for selling memberships and who has not yet encountered the success associated with effective nutrition and exercise habits, or a member whose life has been changed and has experienced more results first hand than ever before?
Remember, the objective is to make your members your most effective sales force!
Amenity Profits: An increase in facility traffic and member results, will inevitably drive all other revenue streams within the facility including  juice bar and pro-shop sales.
Non-Dues Revenue Sources:  As published in an IHRSA trend report, while much of the fitness industry continues to obtain 80% of their total revenue from membership dues, there is a small cadre of clubs who now derive as much as 40% of their total revenue each month from “Non-Dues” related sources.  Furthermore this elite group of facilities has shown a 13% increase in member retention resulting from “Program” sales which focus on the acquisition of results!
Remember, “RESULTS” are why members join facilities to begin with!
“Win-Win” Relationships With Members: What better way to grow your business than to develop a “Win-Win” relationship with your members?  When members are getting results, when they are treated with the utmost of respect, when they feel inspired because they are surrounded with success, they want to share this feeling and likely want to share it with a friend or family member!  This in turn creates a positive traffic flow to your facility thus creating a Win-Win relationship! 
“You get them “Results” and they will come!

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