Mission Statement

To dramatically improve the overall health, condition and well being of people and communities around the world, while simultaneously reducing the risk and incidence of chronic and degenerative disease.

Our MISSION will be accomplished through the use of "Individualized” Nutrition and Exercise Programs designed to favorably influence all metabolic processes associated with human health, fitness and performance.

Let it be known that “Genetic Determinism” can no longer wreak havoc on human health, vitality and fortitude which endures in the hearts of man-kind and is now strengthened by the revolutionary and radical “New Science” of  "INTRA-CELLULAR-FITNESS."

In order to prevail through the uncertainty of business and an ever changing economy, it is critical to develop a sound and well thought out Mission-Statement. One that every Team Player from Executive Management to Customer Service fully understands and supports so that in times of disarray and little reward, the mere action towards accomplishing the Mission is all that is necessary to inspire and sustain your team.

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