What Makes The INTRAFITT Program So Unique and Effective?

When it comes to achieving optimal health, fitness and performance, the INTRAFITT Program is second to none because its concepts and applications favorably impact each and every aspect of our triune existence (mind, body & spirit).  This simply means that not only will you feel, look and perform at your very best on a physical level, you will also achieve a heightened ability in your cognitive thinking as well!  One that will impact everything you believe and perceive about yourself from your own self-worth, self-confidence, self-image and yes, even your own self-efficacy will be dramatically improved!  What's more, is that the INTRAFITT Program and Curriculum places as much emphasis on teaching clients how to strengthen and condition their minds as it does their bodies because it is in the mind that all of our perceptions, perspectives and decisions associated with our day to day planning, meal choices and exercise preparations occur!.  The fact is, no other reprogramming curriculum in the world recognizes the systemic impact associated with this critical and delicate triune balance (that resides in all human beings) and consequently will likely never produce the immediate and long-term results that so many people have come to expect from the INTRAFITT Program!  In summary, it is this irrefutable approach to INTRA-Cellular Fitness and Conditioning that has provided the basis of our success for more than twenty years now thus helping our clients to fully understand the powerful impact that food, exercise and thought has on the human mind, body & spirit!


When was INTRAFITT Established?

In 1993 a scientific advisory board consisting was assembled consisting of extremely reputable doctors, professors, nurses and specialized dieticians; each versed in a multitude of disciplines.  Once the advisory board was established, intense research in the field of dietary and exercise neuroendocrinology was underway. The primary focus of the research project was to achieve a better understanding of the effects that food and exercise have on the major regulatory systems of the human body and to further understand how these systems both directly and indirectly influence the psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunological axis (as it relates to human health, fitness and performance). After years of pragmatic and non-clinical trials involving the management and optimization of homeostatic blood sugar levels in normal subjects and subjects suffering from impaired carbohydrate metabolism, INTRA-Cellular Fitness [INTRAFITT] was converged as the link to successful long-term blood sugar stability and performance in the psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunological axis.  Consequently, it was also determined that effective weight management, general health & fitness, chronic disease reconciliation and sports performance depend solely on the optimization of INTRA-Cellular fitness and efficiency of the major regulatory systems!


How Does the INTRAFITT Program Work?

At your initial Nutrition & Fitness Consultation, your assigned certified INTRAFITT Technician will obtain your medical and metabolic background information relevant to your individual statistics (such as your body weight, body composition, gender, resting heart rate, etc..) and current level of fitness (which would inquire of any medications and/or preexisting conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, etc...).  Your past and current eating and exercise habits will also be determined so that your technician can identify and correct any deficiencies that may prevent you from ever achieving your desired health and fitness goals!  This information is then processed though the INTRAFITT Online "Expert" software system!  Within minutes, you will be provided online access to your individualized  dietary and exercise guidelines via our interactive online software system thus enabling you to add, edit and delete meals and exercise protocols as often as you like, 24/7!  You will also receive an INTRAFITT Daily Fitness Planner, digital food scale, thermal food bag, heart rate monitor, energy releasing formula and an exercise instructional CD Rom that will provide you with the necessary instruction you will need concerning proper biomechanics, full range contractions and anatomical focal points (collectively referred to as the Applied Sciences of Isotonic Training)!  These vital strength training applications are second to none and will help you to optimize the development of muscular strength and hypertrophy!


How Can I Ensure My Success With the INTRAFITT Program?

The INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program is NOT a "quick fix" diet designed to promote rapid weight loss while adversely affecting your metabolism.  Instead it is an educational curriculum providing you with an exact outline of how to eat and exercise in order to be optimally successful at achieving your short and long term goals! The education that you will obtain while engaging the INTRAFITT Curriculum will ensure that you obtain the necessary skills necessary needed to construct effective meal plans and exercise program thus enabling you to achieve immediate and long term success while looking and feeling your best as you pursue the really important things in life!  In addition to the Lifetime Education you will receive with the INTRAFITT Program; periodic evaluations will also be performed by a certified technician and will include a variety of evaluative applications including body composition (performed online as well), systemic performance analysis, resting heart rate, muscular strength & endurance testing, sit & reach evaluations and supplementary question and answer sessions to ensure that any and all questions or concerns are addressed throughout the curriculum. 


INTRAFITT Curriculums will also teach you how to order meals in restaurants and how to exercise effectively when on the road (in the event you travel for a living) so that no matter where you are or what environment you find yourself in, you will always be able to achieve and maintain your desired health & fitness goals for life...no matter what!



"Remember, You Don’t Have To Be Great To get Started,

But You Do Have To Get Started To Be Great!"




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